AIRCRASH CULT : 1er extrait officiel

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Extrait d’1/3 de North By Northwest, l’un des 15 titres du premier album d’Aircrash Cult actuellement en enregistrement à Montréal.
David Kersan - Chant / Lead Vocal
Lionel Pezzano - Musique / Composer
Maurice G. Dantec - Voxword Processor


(Maurice G. Dantec - 2008)

Magnetic fields under your feet
The arctic sun at a constant heat
It’s North by northwest

Believe it or die tryin’
Follow what the compass has seen
At North by northwest

These are the iced landscapes at night
Sky as a deep blue wave in sight
You’re north by northwest

And here it comes
Here it comes instantly
Here it comes as if the world
Had completely disappeared
This is the kind of beauty
U will find only North by Northwest
Timeless dawn, infinity
Bound to North by Northwest

Then U saw her under a cloudy dome
Those blonde hair as the winter’s foam
North by northwest

Her skin in a whiter shade of pale
Blue eyes ready to tell the tale
At north by northwest
Here it comes, yes here it comes
North by northwest
Here it comes, sure here it comes
North by northwest

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